Northern California Builders


D.W. Hamilton Construction Inc. is a California based organization that has been actively engaged in the rehab and development of residential and commercial projects throughout the Bay Area since 1982. Since that time, we have been providing our clients with reliable solutions to their all of their construction needs. Today, we are recognized as a leader in the industry and community for our high level professional service and attention to detail.

Our expertise spans the construction industry spectrum from smaller renovations to multi-million dollar development projects. We specialize in commercial and multifamily tenant improvements and raw land developments including gut rehabilitation of vacant buildings and the new construction of residential and commercial structures. Our residential projects include single family and multi-family market rate and affordable housing developments. Our commercial developments consists of a wide variety of projects ranging from seismic retrofitting to to rehabilitation and long-term construction project planning and overseeing.

D.W. Hamilton Construction Inc. is the Bay Area’s premiere full service Construction and Development Company dedicated to serving our community since1982. Our success is driven by more than providing our clients with the highest level of workmanship. More and more of our clients are turning to us because of our passion for producing tangible neighborhood improvements that impact the people who live and work there, as well as the creation of a more livable community environment.


We are confident that the future will be filled with new opportunities as our economy rebuilds itself. At D.W. Hamilton Construction Inc. we take great pride in our work, and we support our clients from the project’s inception up until its full realization.

Our team of reliable contractors will oversee all aspects of your project's development including:

  • The creation of a realistic project goal
  • Establishing and enforcing budgets
  • The planning of all aspects of the construction phase
  • Renovating and/or turning of vacant rental units